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Our Campaigns

Our Campaigns

“Rupantaran” is an initiative started by SES in 2018. “Rupantaran” meaning is “Change in the form of appearance”. After working over three decades in social sector, we are looking for more effective manner of communication. After training on comics by our resource partner, we started looking comics as a tool which can bring change social change over a period of time. “Rupantaran”presents important messages on our contemporary social situation in other form i.e. comics. These cartoons are drawn by young peer educators and community groups who are experiencing or awareof certain social injustices and inequality, therefore making them different from mainstream comics.“Rupantaran” isanother kind of communication tools, as it presents the realities and experiencesfrom daily life events in a way which is creative and engaging.“Rupantaran”primarily highlight local issues and are therefore able to attract the attention ofthe fellow citizens, as they too can relate to the stories from their own experience andmake meaning out of it. Rupantaran enable people to engage in debate based on the stories they see in it. Through Rupantaran, we are looking to bring likeminded comic developer on one platform whose work can raise awareness and advocate for issue which is affecting the society at large

Water is the basis of all life on Earth. Humans need water to drink, grow food, and clean. Water also provides heat to our homes and amazing recreational opportunities (like swimming and fishing).Animals that live on land and those that live in lakes, ponds, and oceans also need clean water to survive and thrive. The health of our environment, including the health of plants and animals, is deeply tied to the health of our waterways. It is no surprise that ensuring we have access to safe, clean water is an important issue for so many people across the state, country, and the world. Water being a life saving element became scarce day by day with the growing population. Many people thought that it is a limitless resource and waste it or over use it. Teaching about water issues, taking action to conserve and preserve water, ensuring that all people and animals have access to clean water, and of course celebrating our natural resources are all important parts of a Water Warriors Campaign. By 2040, there will be no drinking water almost all of India. We need warriors who can successfully fight to protect and conserve the water not only for themselves but for future generations. The campaign educate people on the front of water conservation & management.Water Warriors can be an individual, community, school or organization etc. efforts that can act as a precursor to bring a shift in people’s attitudes regarding conservation of water.

“Project Aashayein” – is ray of hope for those underprivileged children who will get help in financial assistance their studies. Do you remember our childhood days when at the start of each academic year?You run to the nearby shop with parents to buy new books, textbooks, stationery. But there are many kids who are deprived of this basic need for their education. SES’ Ashayein is answer for that question;The objective is to support those children who are not able to continue their education due to family conditions.

Only 18% of India’s 335 million menstruating women and girls use sanitary products to manage their menses. In India, 300 million women rely on rags, plastics, sand and ash to address their sanitation needs during the menstrual cycle which is not a hygienic way to deal with it. Due to high cost of sanitary napkins majority of the Indian women cannot afford it and rely on old cloth which they reuse.”Mitwa”– is menstrual hygiene campaign to support women and adolescent girls . There, they can have accurate and pragmatic information on usage of menstrual pads, access to quality menstrual pads and adequate disposal. The campaign aims to sensitize and enhance knowledge(dispelling myth) and und++

“Safer Road, Safer City” is a campaign to create broader awareness among citizen of India, about the magnitude of the road traffic injury problem and the main factors which place people at risk. This is because road traffic trauma affects individuals, friends and families, and ultimately the entire community we live in. Road safety is a deeply personal issue, our testimonies is what we strongly believe can help to convey a sense of urgency. Campaign also focus on safe and efficient road transport, contributing to economic growth and development, through improved cooperation and compliance from road users, the business and NGO community and public and private sector interventions.

Though , India has a well-institutionalized system of vocational training, it hasnot sufficiently prepared its youth with the skills that today’s industries require or forced to join available skill which is not as per their interest.With 12.8 million young people newly entering the labor market every year (GOI 2011),the government recognizes that the country faces a serious skills shortage, asthe majority of these new labor market entrants are likely to remain unskilled. On the one hand, India is poised to have the largest and youngest workforce in the world. On the other hand, firms are unable to hire skilled workers because of skill/interest-mismatches. Every year, ~61 million students in India dropout of high school and with less than 5% of all students receiving any formal career coaching .Close to 30% of India’s youth are neither employed nor in education or training, leaving them to work in the informal sector. So, there is need of guidance, counseling and training of these young populationsso quality skill requirement of country is fulfilled vis-à-vis youth get employed in right job. “Torchbearer” campaign aims to prepare young population to easily transit from school to workforce. Through the campaign, we focus on:

To teach and train school going students about career planning and provide relevant informationregarding the different skill courses, colleges, scholarships etc.

Grooming and developing school going children to planning as an important life skill and 21st century skills such as critical thinking,collaboration, communication and creativity. So, they can successfully sail through thick and thin of lives.

Haritcampaign focuses to create a sense of ‘sustainable consumption and lifestyle’ among the people to understand collaborative consumption and its benefits to environment and economy.It aims to shift in idea of ‘me’ to gradually evolving to ‘we’ i.e. People shall become more willing to share, sharing economy applies to all walks of life like goods sharing, knowledge sharing, land sharing, transport sharing, space sharing and labour sharing are few examples. The campaign also focus to protect natural resources and reduce the adverse impact of anthropogenic activity on environment.

Aarogyafocuses to raise awareness and understanding about critical health issues and mobilize support for action.It is a health campaign topromote public health and preventing the spread of dangerous health risks such as non communicable disease, water borne disease and other diseases. It is an urgently needed action to guide effective promotion efforts.

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